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About this site

This site is made to test an Open Source Predicition Market tool built on Drupal. The code for this site is a module on Github called pmb which runs on Drupal and requires several other modules like Views, Features, Rules and Userpoints.

The site is built/maintained by Greg Knaddison (@greggles).

Using this site/Rules

This system runs on druplicoins which are bet on questions. If you register on the site you will immediately win 1,000 druplicoins. Currently accounts go into an approval process. Only members of will be approved.

Once registered you can place a bet on a questions that are open. Currently open questions are:

Unless specifically stated, questions will end at midnight in the America/Adak timezone (UTC-10).

You currently cannot undo a bet. When that feature is added you will get your money back 1:1 with the amount you originally entered (i.e. if your position becomes more likely or less likely you don't gain/lose money). The only way to win more/less money is to have the question decided and either win or lose that question.

Why should you bet?

There are at least a few reasons:

  • Earning "druplicoins" for the sake of being a winner - the site will soon have a list of "leaders" (i.e. people with the most druplicoins in cash and/or invested)
  • The person who is right on different questions becomes a recognized expert in that field. Are you an expert?
  • The more you bet and win money the more you help predict what will happen

Why is this site in Beta?

This site and it's content is very likely to stick around for a long time, but the software running it is beta: it is also very likely to be running the leading edge of code/features from Open Prediction Markets.

Please do create accounts and give feedback on how to make it better!